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The experience gained by the company allows Babylo today to offer only the very best in service. Our graphic design service allows each customer to develop a fresh and captivating image of their helicopter. Starting from a shared idea and thanks to computer technology, Babylo brings to bear every detail. A range of solutions that can respond to every possible request.


With the help of graphic designers, we help you develop a fresh and captivating image of your helicopter based on your personal request. Babylo is a true landmark of quality and innovation. Our computer graphics technology and our specialized staff make it possible for us to work on any type of helicopter. We develop a shared idea until its complete realization.

From design to production

Starting from an initial idea, Babylo will give life to a creative process that will see its being realized, thanks to computer graphics. We truly offer our clients a wide range of solutions. Taking advantage of a proven experience gained over the years and the skills of its staff, the company will take care every detail. Having chosen the graphics, we will move on to the most delicate and fascinating phase of the work: the creation of liveries.

Airbus Helicopter Ecureuil
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Agusta - 109


Babylo offers attentive and punctual bodywork services for any type of planned or unplanned work. Our detailed attention and precision allows us to always offer guaranteed work at the highest standards of quality. We offer only the very best solutions for every request we receive. This is possible by our qualified and constantly trained staff.


Babylo offers an efficient paint removal service that can clean any type of substrate without the risk of damaging the substrate or contaminating it. In fact, thanks to its highly innovative and professional process, the company can treat any material in a number of fields of application, from aeronautics to civil or industrial construction, to transport.

In the galleries below you can see some photos of the many projects we have carried out over the years


We paint, pick, and clean any type of metallic or composite substrate without the risk of damaging the substrate or contaminating it. We use special dry and low-pressure jet of wheat starch or vegetable microgranules. Just another example of us once again distinguishing ourselves in combining experience and innovation. We always guarantee effective work and excellent performance.

Fields of application

By adopting a highly versatile, non-allergenic, non-aggressive, biodegradable and water-free system, Babylo is able to process any type of material including metals, special alloys, composites, plastics, glass, graphite, carbon fiber, glass fibers and kevlar with a number of different types of coating. Our skills make us a leader in a number of fields of application, from aeronautics to civil industrial construction, transport and graphic design. Babylon is synonymous with quality.

The process

We use an innovative procedure that allows us to operate on any type of structure, from paint stripping of any paint to the entire pickling, even while preserving your protective layers. Babylo also specializes in sandblasting and grinding treatments. We also do smearing of various materials including aluminum and titanium, as well as removing glues, paints and inks.

Babylo is active in the field of aeronautical bodywork. We offer complete and professional maintenance. From bodywork and paint stripping to the complete customization of the graphics on all types of helicopters. Our customers can count on us to offer them the best solutions for every possible need.

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